School is equipped with a book titled ‘My Poems’ from Class 1 onwards to make the students learn poetry in three languages of Telugu, Hindi and English. Separate classes on poetry are held for the students to learn poetry.

School encourages the students to learn letter writing, essay writing and to imagine the story of their own and write it in their “I Write” books from Class-III onwards. They are also encouraged to recite their imaginative story in the assembly held every morning.

With the advent of information and technology revolution computer education has become essential for every child. Computer education in school does not only teach operating a computer but also makes the students to think. Thus computers are introduced from Class 1 where the thinking is taught through flow charts from Class 1 to Class 6 and programming starts with simple programming from Class 6. Simple programming improves to complex ones as the class progresses. Computers as taught is made interesting through the introduction of animation from Classes 1 to 9. Animation is taught for the students to animate by their own. School follows computer curriculum as discussed earlier headed under (1) Basics in computers, (2) Introduction to flowchart and programming and (3) Animation through the books designed by the school which include all these. Weekly one practical class is taken up in the modern computer lab equipped with latest systems.

Students are encouraged to learn leadership qualities through a regular process of conducting school assemblies by themselves. Each student gets more than one chance in an year to address the gathering in three languages of English, Hindi and Telugu. Every year student elections are held and the students are given an opportunity to elect their own student leader in the elections. These student leaders taken an oath in the investiture ceremony held annually.

The school is equipped with Nalla Malla Reddy Foundation School Bank which initiates students to save. The students initiate their saving in the bank through the application form filled by themselves and later the student leaders from each group of Air, Water, Fire and Earth look into the day to day running of the bank.

The child’s imagination of their own world is encouraged in the school. They are encouraged to recite a story or a poem from their own imagination addressing the entire school. Thus students who hesitate also come forward with their imagination.

Each child from Class 1 to Class 10 are encouraged to read newspapers regularly. They collect news of international, national, regional, sports and entertainment in a book called ‘The World Around’. They also check the significance of each day in history. Students also explore amazing facts around them.

We encourage the parents to follow food chart supplied by the school for the child’s snack and lunch packed to the school.

Students are divided into the four groups of Air, Water, Fire and Earth represented by the basic colours of Yellor, Blue, Red and Green. These groups encourage the competitive spirit among the students. These groups are also given their responsibilities.

These are improved on a regular basis through regular exercise and a class spared strictly for them. A class wise syllabus for communication skill improvement is carried out through the series of books designed by the school titled ‘Communication Skills’ for improving Communication Skills.

The foundation in Mathematics is laid to make the child to think and to come to analytical conclusion. These conclusions help the child to face future competition. Age wise Mathematical Foundation is given to the students through the book designed by the school named ‘Foundation in Mathematics’. Where a culture of puzzling is made interesting.

To cultivate the habit of reading and writing as considered being the backbone of knowledge. A habit of reading is cultivated through the library hours, that are planned to introduce the student towards an ocean of books provided along with proper guidance in using it knowledgeably.

The purpose of these clubs is to bring out the hidden talent in the students. The fabulous six include Pen club, Debate club, Art club, Theatre club, Music and Dance club and Sports club. Each club is for the students to choose, based on their choice, a special training is given in each club with a pre planned course designed by experts. To go into the details of these, first, to start with Pen club; it is for students in expressing their own world by themselves. Debate club is designed for them to express their words in a gathering. Art club has a course of cartooning and commercial art and craft guided professionally. In Theatre club a student learns different aspects needed for the life which is enacted by students to build their self confidence. Music and Dance club teach music and dance under the teacher’s guidance. Sports club covers different games, marching and other knowledge gaining plays.