Robotics and Coding

Present generation needs to be aware of robotics and its programming thus school provides robotics training. Robotics classes teach students to build their own robots and program them according to their need. School hosted World Robot Olympiad held in five centers in India. Hyderabad round of WRO was really an inspiration for the students towards robotics. Robots built by many students solving everyday problems were really knowledge gaining..

Coding is taught to the students interested in the subject. Students learn to code with the software provided by the school for free. Amazon has conducted HOUR OF CODE in school. Hour of code was conducted all over the world and in six centers in India were chosen, where school was one among them. Hour of code for south India in Hyderabad was held in school. Students attended this workshop and later practiced it in their coding classes. Students could design their own video games and animation movies after attending coding classes


Students are introduced with the basics of Abacus. Students improve their mathematical skills with the introduction of Abacus. Abacus held for most of the classes for improving their interest in mathematics has really helped students. They became really fast in mathematical calculations after attending these classes based on their interest.


With the advent of information and technology revolution computer education has become essential for every child. Computer education in school does not only teach operating a computer but also makes the students to think. Thus computers are introduced from Class 1 where the thinking is taught through flow charts from Class 1 to Class 6 and programming starts with simple programming from Class 6. Simple programming improves to complex ones as the class

progresses. Computers as taught is made interesting through the introduction of animation from Classes 1 to 9. Animation is taught for the students to animate by their own. School follows computer curriculum as discussed earlier headed under (1) Basics in computers, (2) Introduction to flowchart and programming and (3) Animation through the books designed by the school which include all these.


The child’s imagination of their own world is encouraged in the school. They are encouraged to recite a story or a poem from their own imagination addressing the entire school. Thus students who hesitate also come forward with their imagination.


Students are trained in drawing and painting and pencil sketching. Special sessions are held to teach Oil painting, Tanjore painting, Charcoal painting and Batik printing. Students are encouraged to attend art competitions at various levels held regularly.


School elections are held every year. It starts with campaigning among the students and electing their own representatives. Student leaders are elected through voting. Elections improve participation in society as well as improve leadership qualities among the students.


The school is equipped with Nalla Malla Reddy Foundation School Bank which initiates students to save. The students initiate their saving in the bank through the application form filled by themselves and later the student leaders from each group of Air, Water, Fire and Earth look into the day to day running of the bank.