Secretary's Message

Education at school is nothing but preparing the student to be able to put on paper whatever is learnt, seen, heard, observed and thought about all around them in the world, with proper language in a communicative format, with attractive presentation moulding into the basis for scholarly persuasion in all fields of knowledge in life.

Imparting education with strong foundation in basics like vocabulary, pronunciation, terminology, usage of grammar and language in its proper form enabling the students capability to put of their ideas on paper perfectly on their own, along with participation in games, sports, arts, craft, theatre, music, gardening, oration and mathematical skills at school level shall lay a strong foundtion on which any super structure can become long lasting.

* To concentrate on the basics creating a conducive atmosphere for learning
* To design curriculum, covering a wide range of learning experiences stressing on writing, reading and listening skills
* To provide an opportunity for personal development in a wide range of academic, cultural, social, literary, communicative, creative and recreational activities
*To accommodate and encourage the students with different ability levels on the same platform and improve
*To prepare courageous, self confident, self respecting, caring and sharing responsible citizens with good behaviour and discipline
* To make socially responsible honest and concerned citizens
*To encourage and provide opportunity to boostup leadership qualities to withstand any challenges in real life and compete regionally, nationally and globally with strong language base in regional, national and international levels
*Thus our school shall lay a very strong foundation by the time the student completes secondary level.

School is established in the year 2009 by Nalla Malla Reddy Education Society under the pioneering guidance of it’s Secretary Sri Nalla Malla Reddy with a motive to contribute his might to the society to give light in the present days of darkest era of schooling for our blooming children, whose future is put to uncertainty with falling standards except intuitive students by the time they pass out from the school.
The school being a launching pad for a student’s brilliant future the FOUNDATION SCHOOL is started to create a strong basis at school level itself, where they excel in behaviour, discipline, hardwork, writing, reading, understanding, creativity and also written language which is the channel of communication.

School is situated in a pleasant and delightful surroundings of Divyanagar with its picturesque playgrounds and gorgeous gardens with in an area of 3.5 Acres.
It has a beautiful three storey building in two blocks offering individual classroom accommodation for about 2000 children. School caters for children from 3 to 15 years of age in two buildings of more than 50,000 sft. in the campus which are used for different age groups accommodating students of all economic groups.
The school provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and encourages development of the children grooming them into all-rounders and active members of the society. School is proud of its achievement in nurturing each child to their full potential within the short time of establishment.


* Fully fenced secure grounds

* Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers and separate rooms for Activity, Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Debates and Cookery

* Play grounds, an indoor and an open air meeting place, and a separate ground for drill

* Medical room and Multimedia rooms are provided separately

* Library with rich collection of books from all over the world in three languages of English, Hindi, Telugu and Magazines and Newspapers

* Spacious Class rooms

* For LKG to Class 3 class individual student tables are fitted with slates to practice writing and scribbling with chalk piece for better writing.

Normally, we try to group children in classes according to their age, but this depends on members admitted each academic year. Every year we reorganize the classes to enable pupils to get to know their year group, to enable us to balance the number of boys and girls and to balance the level of abilities of pupils within each class. Different teaching methods and types of organization are used within the school like class lessons, group work and individual teaching.